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The beauty world took some time, but it has evolved beyond the “fair skin” box. Today’s generation has, too, learned to shine without the clichéd straight hair and fair skin, as opposed to many fairness cream ads.

But, while westerners crave tanned skin, Indians, with their melanin-rich skin, want glowing skin.

In simple terms, we are not big fans of tanned skin. To understand it better, we must first understand our skin type and quality.

The INDIAN skin

There is a predisposed notion that Indians have a wheatish tone of skin, but actually, our spectrum of color stretches further.

Generally, skin tones are classified on the Fitzpatrick scale, which helps classify skin color numerically. This scale has six types (Type 1 is the palest, and Type 6 is the darkest). In the Fitzpatrick scale, Indian skin is classified between Type 3 to Type 6.

Compared to Caucasian skin, Indian skin is more prone to get tan; simply put, tanning is a common problem in India!

What is tanning, and why is it a problem?

Tanning is a process where sun exposure causes an increase in melanin, a skin pigment. It darkens the skin on the most exposed areas like the face, neck, hands, back, feet, and legs.

The UV radiation from the sun has three wavelengths – UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UVA darkens the skin and triggers excessive melanin production, which causes tanning.

Tan removal ideas

We have helped many clients with our expert solutions for tan reduction who thought tanning it was irreversible. There are many in-clinic treatments and products that can help in reducing skin tanning.

Tan removal treatments involve exfoliation that helps remove dead skin cells and excess melanin. Here are a few tan removal ideas.

Natural home remedies

Honey and Banana: You can use honey to scrub and gently remove dead skin cells from the skin. Banana is rich in antioxidants & helps to give a brightening effect.

Tomato and yogurt: Yogurt is rich in lactic acid that softens the skin, and tomato is a rich source of antioxidants, which can brighten the skin.

Cucumber extract: Cucumber offers a cooling effect when applied to the skin and can help remove tan.

Potato juice: Potato can work as a bleaching effect and is popularly used to lighten the dark circles around the eyes.

Papaya: Papaya has natural enzymes and antioxidants and can be an excellent moisturizer. Further, it has antioxidants that can reduce skin aging.

Buttermilk and oatmeal: Buttermilk has lactic acid that improves the skin tone and softens the skin. Oatmeal has cleansing properties and is an exfoliator.

Expert tan removal

We are one of the best cosmetic dermatology treatment providers in Hyderabad. Our doctors are skilled in a wide range of cosmetic treatments including tan removal.

In My Skin believes in understanding the skin before deciding on the treatment. We guarantee the best results, from laser toning to chemical peels and medifacials.

Tanning is common in Hyderabad, and having glowing and de-tanned skin can improve your confidence and add to your personality. Contact us if you want the best and permanent tan removal solution.

You will be de-tanned!

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