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Winter Skincare – Easy and Simplified

When the winter knocks, it’s not just your wardrobe that requires a switch!

The charcoal face cleaners and light gel moisturizers you loved in August might not remain your favorite in December.

The winter brings frigid winds, and dry air sucks your skin’s moisture, taking away your skin’s essential oils, which are necessary for maintaining good skin barrier function. Further, these unpleasant conditions sometimes spark irritation, redness, and skin sensitivity.

Bottom line – Your skin needs extra care during winter!

We understand that in today’s hectic world, it can be tough to find time to pamper your skin. But your winter-ravaged complexion needs care.

In My Skin offers the best skin care consultation for every skin type. Our dermatologists understand the patient’s skin tone and condition before prescribing the right skin treatment.

We bring you the four best and simple skin care tips you can follow at home for healthy and glowing skin during winter.

Winter skincare tips

Double cleansing

Winter is a dry season that can affect your skin’s moisture. In addition to that, your skin also accumulates oil and dirt throughout the day, especially if you travel.

You need to ensure that you keep your skin clean and moisturized simultaneously, and double cleansing can take care of both issues. However, you need to choose the best product that is non-comedogenic and suits your skin type. For best results, use a Mild exfoliating facial scrub with it.

We recommend products that contain jojoba oil or almond oil.


A cleanser or exfoliating facial scrub can make winter care easy and effective. Winters can be harsh to your skin and sometimes cause dryness, irritation and cracks.

With exfoliation, you will get soft and supple skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving skin that is shinier, brighter, and cleaner.


As winters are dry, your skin can lose moisture fast. Therefore you need to find an effective way to keep your skin hydrated.

Our skin experts can suggest the best serum based on the skin type that can treat and nourish your skin, or you try one with hyaluronic acid. A good serum will help in retaining moisture and keep the skin hydrated.


As the temperature starts dropping, you will notice your feet and hands get dry first. Then, as you wash them regularly to clean them, you will also need a moisturizer to keep them moisturized.

It’s not just your feet and hands that need moisture, your face will get dry quickly, too, and you would need to moisturize that too. However, you should be careful while picking up a moisturizer for your face.

Ideally, a moisturizer with SPF works better against the UV rays’ dehydrating effect. But if you are still determining which one will be perfect for your skin type, consult us, and we will help you understand your skin type and the perfect moisturizer.


Skincare isn’t just about products. It starts with you and how much you care for your skin. You can do many things to ensure healthy skin, such as drinking plenty of water and having fruits rich in antioxidants.

And for any skin condition or treatment, we are here to help.

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